Chapter Of Instruction

February 2022

The Reading United Chapter of Instruction, begun in 1938, has been in existence for over seventy seven years and over these years has enjoyed the membership, support and company of many famous and esteemed Companions, including Sir James Stubbs.

The main objective of the instruction classes is to provide a means of opportunity for Principals and Companions of all Chapters to practice and improve their Ritual together with the often over looked aspect of carrying out the procedure of a Convocation.

It is hoped that by joining the RUCI when companions take office as Sojourners in their Chapters, the instruction received will prepare and guide them through the various offices to the First Principal's Chair. There can be little doubt that in the instruction's relaxed and happy atmosphere those essential elements of masonry, confidence and enjoyment will be achieved by a regular attendance. Companions who have taken on the office of DC are also offered support for their role.

In receiving instruction in Domatic, Aldersgate and other Rituals, companions are not lead away from the unique and traditional workings that exists in their own Chapters, as RUCI aims to enhance and compliment those efforts made by the individual Chapter Preceptors and Directors of Ceremonies.

Such is the pace and demands of working life today it may well be difficult for companions, encountering unavoidable circumstances, to attend their own Chapter rehearsals, so the services provided by the RUCI may be of considerable help.

The Reading United Chapter of Instruction meets at Sindlesham generally on the first and third Fridays of each month from September through to April inclusively, with the evening's work beginning at 7.45pm. The bad news is that according to ancient custom, life membership of the RUCI is One Guinea!

In 2003, E. Comp. Victor Bickers took on the stewardship of the RUCI from E. Comp. Earl Ashley who had managed its development previously for over 20 years. Since then, E. Comp. Victor Bickers has maintained the high standards of instruction set by E. Comp. Earl Ashley to such an extent that E. Comp. Kenneth Benford PGS and E. Comp. Gary Mitchell PDepGS no less, have been only too happy to attend some RUCI meetings to practice their respective rituals alongside other companions.

In order to share the responsibilities of maintaining this esteemed Chapter of Instruction, E. Comp. Victor Bickers has now taken on the specific office of Preceptor of RUCI whilst E. Comp. Andrew Watts has assumed the duties of Scribe Ezra. Other senior companions attend regularly to share their knowledge and offer support for those working through the different offices of the Royal Arch.

For further information please contact the Scribe E:

E. Comp. Andrew S. Watts

Tel: 07979 647270



E. Comp. David Capel – Preceptor

Tel:07768 007489


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Ellington Chapter of Improvement

The Ellington Chapter of Improvement meets throughout the summer months at Cookham Dean Village Hall, Church Road, Cookham Dean, Berkshire, starting mid-May until the end of August. Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings, starting at 8.00pm. Fees are £5 per year plus £1 per meeting to help defray the cost of hiring the Hall. Any profit is donated to Provincial Charities. All Companions are welcome, but priority is given to the Warwickshire Ritual.

For more information and directions to Cookham Dean Village Hall, contact:

Roger Dugan - 01494 713288 or


Roger Towers - 01628 634806 or