Provincial Grand Chapter of Berkshire

This Province was inaugurated in 1773 and initially covered the counties of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. The Provincial Grand Chapter of Berkshire was formed when the region was divided in 1890.

The Royal Arch Province essentially covers the old county boundaries of Berkshire prior to 1974 and stretches from Abingdon in the North to Newbury in the South and from Windsor in the east to Faringdon in the west. The Provincial Head Quarters are based alongside the Craft Provincial Head Quarters in our own widely envied facilities at Sindlesham, Reading.

The Province has approximately 950 members affiliated to 39 Chapters who meet at 9 different Masonic Centres throughout the year. Just over 50% of these Chapters meet at our Sindlesham Court HQ with the rest meeting at Masonic Centres in Abingdon, Wallingford, Pangbourne, Newbury, Windsor, Wokingham, Wantage and Faringdon. The Province boasts a variety of Royal Arch rituals performed across the different chapters.

The Province is guided and regulated by the Executive of the Provincial Team which comprises of the Grand Superintendent, a Deputy Grand Superintendent, a Second, and Third Provincial Grand Principal, a Provincial Scribe Ezra, Provincial Treasurer, and a Provincial Director of Ceremonies. We are pleased to have as our Grand Superintendent, Excellent Companion Ian Richard Given Hopgood who was Installed by the Pro First Grand Principal in June 2015.

The Provincial Executive and team of Provincial Officers in Berkshire are passionate about Freemasonry in general and in particular, the Holy Royal Arch. Royal Arch Masonry embraces a unique bond of Companionship throughout the order and this Province of Berkshire enhances that characteristic with a warm and welcoming approach to friendship, enjoyment and charity.

Should you want to learn more about Provincial Grand Chapter, please feel free to talk to the Provincial team at your next Craft meeting or Royal Arch Convocation.