MEGS Message - September 2020

This year marks a historical milestone for Berkshire Royal Arch Freemasonry with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. I look back with immense pride as your Grand Superintendent at the truly inspirational way Royal Arch Masons grasped the pandemic at an early stage and adapted our practices to maintain our fraternity and focus on the shift in practical needs from our families, Companions and close circles of friends.

Whilst our physical activities were suspended for four months, I believe Companions and Chapters were able to recharge their enduring passions for our wonderful order. The huge enthusiasm to return to our Royal Arch convocations is evident by the willingness to embrace a flexible approach to the changes necessary for our ceremonies to proceed. It is with great excitement that I hasten the day we can also resume the captivating and memorable ceremony of Exaltation.

I congratulate those Companions appointed and promoted in both Supreme Grand Chapter and Provincial Grand Chapter earlier in the year. Your experience and seniority will be our guiding lights in the promotion of the Royal Arch within your circles of Craft Masonry and I look forward to greeting you throughout the Province.

The bonds between the Holy Royal Arch and Craft Masonry in Berkshire are stronger and more resilient than ever before and remain inextricably aligned in our pursuit of the ultimate experience that Berkshire Freemasonry offers. Each and every Master Mason throughout the Province should be nurtured in their Masonic journey and encouraged to explore the complete story of Pure Antient Freemasonry. Introduction to the Royal Arch, with its ceremony gilded with brightness and colour, forms a magical conclusion to their three Craft degrees and a lifetime of Companionship.

This Province of Royal Berkshire is quite unique in Freemasonry and remains the envy of many surrounding provinces. It continues to be a huge honour for me to serve as your Grand Superintendent and I look forward to sharing another memorable year with you all.

Ian Hopgood

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent