MEGS Message - September 2021

Our treacherous journey over the past 18 months through the COVID-19 pandemic has been fraught with danger and difficulty for Masonry in general and the Royal Arch in particular, due to our membership demographic. But the care and caution practiced by our fraternity has supported us well and minimised the potential impact to the safety of our Companions and their families – for this I am eternally grateful and extremely proud.

With the UK vaccination programme providing us all a high degree of safety, the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter giving each of us the choice to adapt and with caution, to get life moving again. The Holy Royal Arch and its beautifully captivating ceremony of Exaltation are my constant source of inspiration and motivation which enriches both my life experience and me as a good human being. It is vital that we continue to derive pleasure and enjoyment from meeting with our fellow Companions to share some ritual and that all-important social interaction.

I extend hearty congratulations to those appointed and promoted in both Supreme Grand Chapter and Provincial Grand Chapter this year and we look forward to greeting you throughout the Province. You remain the shining lights in the Berkshire and your promotions of the Royal Arch will provide inspiration to all Master Masons and encouragement for them to complete their journey in Pure Antient Freemasonry.   

My role as Most Excellent Grand Superintendent continues to be a huge honour and a position of great pride for this fabulous Province of Berkshire. With our newly installed team of Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals, I am truly excited by the programme of events on the immediate horizon for our Province. At the forefront of which is the consecration of the Berkshire Chapter of Enlightenment and its pivotal role in Royal Arch education, learning and development. Berkshire is leading the field in this development for the benefit of all Companions and I look forward to its valuable contribution.

Ian Hopgood

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent