"Retirement" of Mike Warner, PAGDC, PProvGH

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Ian Hopgood, made an unannounced visit to the St John's Chapter No 795, at Windsor on the 18th November 2021. The purpose of this “Ninja” visit was to surprise E Comp Mike Warner, the recently retired Second Provincial Grand Principal and present him with his Past Principal's collarette, a certificate and retirement gift, which he had been unable to carry out at the Annual Convocation on the 17th September 2021, as Mike had been unable to attend.

Mike had no idea what was about to unfold, the Chapter members had managed to keep it from him until the unexpected “report” on the door. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was admitted with much enthusiasm and having explained the purpose of his surprise visit, gave a wonderful oration on Mike's Royal Arch history, highlighting his commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to the Province for his 13 years active Provincial Service. He was then presented with a certificate marking the gratitude of the Province, and a gift of a Mont Blanc pen, along with a personal gift from the MEGS. At the conclusion of the presentation Mike was left speechless - something that has never happened before!

This very special evening was supported by The Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Jem Whitmore and 7 Acting Provincial Officers.


Following the Meeting, the Companions retired to enjoy a lively Festive Board at The Bexley Arms, Windsor, where the Chumley Badge of Excellence made its usual appearance. 

Few Companions escaped having to wear it, not even MEGS managed to avoid the privilege. If any Companion would like to know more, come and visit St John’s Chapter, all will be explained.


Date posted: 24 November 2021

SGC Convocation 10th November 2021

A contingent of 48 Companions from Berkshire attended the Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter at Great Queen Street, on the 10th November 2021.

 This was the first full meeting of SGC, without restrictions, since the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, and all agreed with the Pro Grand Master, who in his opening remarks, stated how good it felt to be back in business again, and face to face with the members.

While numbers were still a little lower than usual for this meeting, it was hoped this would be the beginning of a full return to normality. A sizable number of the visitors had travelled from afar to attend, including several from outside the shores of the UK. All were received with warm applause.

 The main business of the meeting was to receive a presentation entitled “A View Through the Archway” considering the position of the Royal Arch in relation to the Craft, as it entered its Third Century, and looking at ways to improve recruitment and ensure the Royal Arch is recognized as the completion of Pre Antient Freemasonry, and that the “Indissoluble Links” with the Craft are better understood. Guidance for Provinces is being developed for dissemination later in the year.

Following the meeting, 45 of the Berkshire Companions retired to the newly refurbished Concert Artistes Club for Luncheon presided over by the MEGSupt E Comp Ian Hopgood. This private luncheon has become a very popular and established event, being held originally in the Kingsway Hall Hotel, but moving to the current venue some 5 years ago and has since encouraged much higher attendances. For the last 12 years, the event has been arranged by E Comp Brian Bicknell, the Provincial Grand Organist, who has managed to increase attendances from around 35 companions, to 50. Brian has now decided it is time to hand on the baton to a successor, and E Comp Rob Wilkinson, ProvGSN has agreed to take this on, with the challenge of increasing attendances further.

As usual the meal was a sumptuous and boisterous affair with much wine taking and the usual Masonic toasts. Following which The ME Grand Superintendent made a presentation to Brian, of an engraved goblet and something to fill it, as well as a framed Certificate expressing the gratitude of the Province for his success and commitment over the past 12 years.

Presentation to Brian     Rob Wilkinson

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Date posted: 14 November 2021

Keeping In Touch

If you want to know more about the various ways in which Lodges and Chapters can keep in touch with their members and Masonry, and how modern technology can help you, have a look at the excellent suggestions on the Craft Website, by clicking the link below.

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Date posted: 16 June 2020

Royal Arch Support Group

Berkshire R A Support Group Volunteers

The Provincial Executive and DC’s team, has decided to set up a Support Group (similar to that of the Craft) to assist struggling Chapters in the Province of Berkshire. This will be co-ordinated by E. Comp. Steve Hieke, ProvDepGDC, and overseen by the 2ndProvGP, E. Comp. Mike Warner.

  • A dedicated group of Companions is required who are willing to attend all regular meetings of the identified Chapters, including rehearsals, and to assist with the ritual where required. Group members will be allocated to their preferred Masonic Centres, according to Chapter needs and to that end it will be of great help if those interested in helping can indicate which Masonic Centres they are able to attend and which particular parts of the ritual they can assist with.
    At the present time three Chapters have asked for assistance and the Co-ordinators are looking to have a team of at least four or five Companions per Chapter – each having a Team Leader who will liaise with Steve Hieke.
    The Province is also looking to set up a dedicated team of Companions, with reliable skills, who are able to assist other Chapters within the Province, at short notice, to fill vacant offices due to non-attendance such as illness, work and family commitments.
    Steve Hieke and Mike Warner will also attend as many of these meetings as they can to try boost numbers and assist with the ritual where necessary. Please only apply if you have sufficient time to actively support these Chapters.
    A similar initiative has proved to be very successful within the Craft in Berkshire - and has helped many struggling Lodges, a lot of whom are now flourishing.

If you are interested in helping the Province with this extremely important task, please download and complete the Support Group questionnaire with your details.

Date posted: 13 September 2018