Bershire Visiting Companions

The ME Grand Superintendent has brought together a large team of Companions from throughout the Province who are willing to visit Chapters in order to support them at their Convocations and when asked, to assist with the ceremonies. They pay for their meal if, as is hoped, they stay for the Festive Board.

This initiative is being organised by E Comp Mike Warner, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. He keeps details of those Companions who are able to spare the time to take part in these visits and he advises Companions and gives details of which Chapters to visit. It is hoped to build up as large a team as possible (i.e. as many as 100 Companions from all levels of the Province) so that those Companions are not asked to make too many visits during the year. It is also felt that this will be an ideal opportunity for members of the Team to visit Centres and Chapters they have not been to and to widen their circle of friends within the Royal Arch.

Where assistance with a ceremony is required, the Scribe E of the Chapter must give sufficient notice to Mike Warner as to when and what assistance is needed and with what ritual, so that he can call on those members of the Team who have expressed a wish to take part in ceremonies.

It is intended that this initiative will gradually enable Chapters to stand on their own feet. In order to do this, they need to continue to encourage existing members to attend and must actively seek out Master Masons to join their Chapters.

 The Grand Superintendent is sure that this initiative will serve to strengthen our Chapters and the Royal Arch Province of Berkshire.

 If you would like to be part of the Berkshire Visiting Companions Team, please contact Mike Warner.

Mobile: 07977 457 897


In order to assist you in planning your visits, please refer to the Calendar for Chapter meeting dates.